Testimonials - Secluded Mountain Cabin, Romantic Vacation Rental


"Fantastic getaway.  We just returned from a 2 night stay  at Harmony Lodge secluded mountain cabin, and my only regret is that we didn't book a longer  stay. It was so easy to relax in this rustic and charming cabin (and  amazing that we were able to have our pup, Nelli, with us too). We  brought our cribbage board and played for hours in front of the grand  fireplace, I gazed out over the roaring river while my husband played  his guitar, we cooked delicious meals on the awesome Direct Action stove  and enjoyed the view from the comfort of the well kept and clean hot  tub on the deck. There was a break in the rain where we were able to get  out for a couple of hours and explore some of the well marked hiking  trails leading up the mountain right from the property, and down to the  river just below the cabin. Rita is very helpful and accommodating and  was a pleasure to meet. Harmony Lodge feels like a well loved family  cabin, and we can't wait to book another stay; we definitely recommend  this place! " -Lisa (February 2015) 


 "Exceptional in every way.  An incredibly beautiful  setting and romantic vacation rental, comfortable, clean and well-maintained cabin. This  is the perfect secluded place to escape into nature and enjoy the  sounds of the river and the comfort of this beautiful cabin. It was a  pleasure meeting Rita and Scott, who both made us feel very at home. I  had first visited this cabin 30 years ago and it is still as magical as I  remembered. A very special place." -Bill (November 2014) .


"A piece of heaven. You can't find a better setting in nature, having a beautiful creek, cool breezes, fresh air, and the complete isolation. Barbequed on the deck every night and it was awesome. A wonderful getaway from the reality that is everyday life." -Marcos and Carrie (August 2013)


 "Perfect.  What a wonderful relaxing experience. It was the best way to spend our honeymoon. " -Kristie (June 2012) 


"I believe this story needs to be told. When I first contacted Rita I  was still in Afghanistan and she was willing to work with me and not  only that, she was very considerate and accommodating. I requested  flowers for the cabin to make a romantic scene for my wife since I had  been gone for two years. She went out of her way to ensure that the  flowers were fresh and placed perfectly in order to create the  atmosphere I was looking for. In fact, she had them delivered in from  the next town over 20 miles away from her trusted florist. Rita's  customer service is unmatched in this state. When we first entered the  cabin she had the pellet stove going in order to take off the mountain  chill. The scent of fresh burning wood filled the air.

This vacation rental reminded us of an old logging camp cabin  with a rustic calm feel. I have rented six such cabins over the last two  years and this was the FIRST one to actually achieve the 'as  advertised' score in my book. We knew exactly what we wanted and Rita  delivered exactly as promised. The cabin was immaculate and there were  plenty of clean towels for the weekend.

The cabin is the only one that advertises privacy that  has delivered on that promise. The seclusion and privacy are complete  and total. There was no possibility of any kind of interruption for my  wife and I. when we were sitting on the deck one afternoon, we were  curled up in a big blanket reading a book when a family of otters swam  into the river to play and see what we were doing. They apparently live  under a large boulder which is directly across from the cabin.

If someone is capable enough for a real trail hiking  adventure there are numerous trails into the woods that take you to the  swimming hole as well as a waterfall. There is no limit to the  adventures in the woods one can create for oneself. The trail leading  down to the river takes you to the perfectly placed hammock. This was  the most romantic and peaceful spot my wife and I have ever taken a  holiday to.

I will tell everyone I know including my family and  friends that this wonderful place is a must for a romantic getaway. I  will ensure that their cabin gets on the list of places to visit in  Washington at the travel office in Fort Lewis so more soldiers can get  reacquainted with their wives after a stressful deployment. Thank you  Rita for a perfect weekend."

-Captain (September 2011)


"My husband and I came here to relax and rejuvenate from  daily struggles. All I can say is mission accomplished! Harmony Lodge  was the perfect place for this. He and I love cabins and have been in a  few over the years, but this is the first 'authentic' cabin we have  stayed in and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for allowing our dogs  to come along, I know they appreciated it as well (smile)." -Cory and  Jamie (February 2010) 


 "This place is such a gem. So close to home (Seattle) but  it seems like you are a million miles away. This was a perfect place to  reconnect with each other and nature. Thanks for making this a great  place to spend our anniversary!!" -Jenny and Larry (July 2009) 


 "Thank you so much for providing this amazing retreat  from the craziness of the city. It is amazing that such a place can  exist merely an hour away. Thank God for the record snow that has been  falling the entire time we are here. We so enjoyed being way from it  all. This place reminded me of the simple joys of splitting wood and  stoking a fire. Your stove is a beautiful thing which I hope others  appreciate as much as I did during my time here. Snowshoeing was a  blast. Will be back come summer to find the waterfall and explore the  gold mine. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful lodge, and wonderful hosts!  Thank you!!" -Chet (January 2008) 


"First of all, allow us to thank you for this  unforgettable place, sitting on the east side of the living room looking  up at the majestic Baring mountain. You have a tendency to think that  by extending your arm, you can reach it, not really. The west side view  is indescribable, that gorgeous river running like its headed to a date.  The northern star beams across the branches. The breathtaking view  leaves you speechless. We had a good time. We are cherishing our stay  and perhaps we will come back again." -Sid and Gail (March 2007) 


 "We found this cabin on the internet after many hours of  searching. The pictures on the web site do not do it justice.  It was  everything we were looking for. We enjoyed many good barbeques.  My  husband said I will never barbeque in a more beautiful setting, and I  agree. A cozy fire, movies and popcorn in the evening, hot tub and  drinks. Life does not get any better!!!!" -Dave and Sabrina (August  2006) 


"Thank you so much for this wonderful Eden!! Harmony  Lodge and its surroundings are so idyllic, mother nature and God's gifts  have given us the chance to forget about our everyday lives along with  its stress. The view and the cottage take our breath away. The comfy bed  and cozy wood burning fireplaces kept us snuggly warm on the cool crisp  evening. The hot tub was inspiring. Thank you for making our dream  vacation come true. Best place we have stayed so far, and we expect it  be close to impossible to beat." -Rick and Chris (July 2005) 


"We spend a lot of time at B&Bs and cabins around  Puget Sound and consider ourselves experts on the best and worst. This  now is one of our top two! The attention to detail is wonderful. We  loved all the fireplaces, having a DVD player and the VHS is a real  plus. The breathtaking view from both the cabin and the deck are  unbelievable! Thank you so much for putting the hot tub where you did. I  love being able to lie back and look at the creek roar by. And you can  have the deck light on without being in the 'spotlight'. Most of all,  thanks for allowing our dog to join us. It makes the memories all the  sweeter. Thanks." -Terri and Dale (December 2004)