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Five GOOD Reasons to Book a Getaway Today

Five GOOD Reasons to Book a Getaway Today

Five GOOD Reasons to Book a Getaway Today


It is not hard to convince most people to take a  vacation; a break from work and life is often necessary and desired by  many. An average person will procrastinate for a few reasons. Sometimes,  all you need a little extra push from a friend. 

Below, you will find five wonderful and solid reasons you should book a  getaway today! As soon as you make solid plans, the excitement and  countdown can begin. Even the weeks leading up to your vacation are  exciting because you can make your plans and enjoy your elated mood for a  long period before and after your trip. 

On a weekend vacation with a few friends, you can reconnect with the  people closest to you. Busy lives keep friends apart, think about it --  when was the last time you spent a few full days with your favorite  people? 

1. You will find adventure. When you stay at our riverfront cabin rental, you will be close to many relaxing and exhilarating things to  do. Fill your senses with scenic mountain trails hikes; swim, fish,  float on a tube, and bring a boat to row on the Skykomish River; raft on  calm or rough river water; horseback ride; bicycle.  At the vacation rental, we  have detailed information and maps about all the outdoor activities in  this region of Washington State. 

2. Once you have been away for a few days, you will start to feel better  and relaxed. You will improve your health and mood while you explore. 

3. Catch up on much needed sleep on your first night or two. Your body  cannot make up for lost sleep, but you can get enough rest to enjoy your  getaway thoroughly. 

4. While away from your daily routine, you feel less pressure and you  can learn more about yourself.  People are often more innovative when  they are in a relaxed setting. 

5. This is your chance to spend time on things for which you would not  normally have time. This is your opportunity to try new things in a  comfortable environment.  Experience what it is like to dwell in a new  comfortable and scenic environment. 

Posted by: Harmony Lodge.   Created on: Tues 26 March 2014.  

Seven Great Reasons to Visit Washington

Five GOOD Reasons to Book a Getaway Today

Five GOOD Reasons to Book a Getaway Today


If you are feeling a bit too tense from a hectic life, or  if you just want a relaxing and fun getaway, Washington is the best  state for you to visit. Washington is home to beautiful aesthetics,  activities, and cozy lodging. With wonderful ski slopes, hiking trails,  and gorgeous rivers that afford great fishing, the areas between Baring  and Seattle are ideal for visiting. 

If adventure is what you're after, Washington is certainly the place for  you. Our sunny days fall far into October, so you have plenty of time  to see and do all of the wonderful things our state has to offer 

Solid Reasons to Visit Washington
• The winters are a winter wonderland, and the summers stay around a  comfortable eighty degrees. Washington sees some gorgeous days during  the summer.
• Washington offers a myriad of different styled restaurants, all of  which include anything from Vietnamese Pho to Burgers, Salmon, Mexican,  and Thai restaurants.
• Seattle didn't get the nickname "The Emerald City" because it's home  to the wonderful wizard. Seattle is very green, perhaps from receiving  the perfect amount of rain.
• Our stunning parks afford great sights and photography shots with  cherry blossoms, bridges, parks, meadows, old lighthouses, and wonderful  wild animal parks.
• Skiing and snowboarding is great in Washington from November into April; sometimes the skiing conditions stay ideal into May.
• If it exists, there's a museum of it. There are glass museums, flight museums, science museums, and so much more!
• If you stay at Harmony Lodge, you'll be close to a few other places like Vancouver, Portland, and Cannon Beach.

Posted by: Harmony Lodge.   Created on: Sat 25 March 2017.